Blue Hawaii

When going out with friends, and wanting to try a new drink &ndash; maybe a drink you have never tried before, choose the Blue Hawaii cocktail. It is one that you have no doubt heard about, but what you may not know is that this cocktail will get you quite drunk without you knowing it &ndash; that is, until you stand up! This blue exotic cocktail is most certainly not a "foo-foo" drink, and instead entices in the male cocktail drinkers amongst us &ndash; as well as the daring females. Typically it is served in a large cocktail glass, and it is stronger than a Long Island Ice Tea. Do not let the name fool you, or the taste, because even if you cannot <strong>taste</strong> the alcohol, you will most definitely <strong>feel</strong> the alcohol. The Blue Hawaiian is served in a variety of ways, however, unless asked otherwise, it will be served on the rocks. Depending on the different places, you could have the drink served in a coconut shells, or pineapple shells. Although this is unusual in night-clubs for self-evident reasons &ndash; you'd look a silly fending off admirers for your girlfriend with a coconut shell, it is common to have the drink served to you in a variety of fruit shells overseas, or at Tiki restaurants and bars. For the ones who may not know what a Tiki establishment is; it is a fun themed establishment with a classy addition, and so they usually have a few hollow fruits for pouring in alcohol. Mr. Harry Yee invented the Blue Hawaiian in 1957 &ndash; and he is known as a legendary bartender. He was to design a special drink one that no one would recognize, without the tastes of the different alcohols in the Blue Hawaiian cocktail. However, he was not happy with any of the others he tried until the Blue Hawaiian came along &ndash; and when it did, it became one of the most popular cocktail drinks you can order. Naming the drink came from film that Elvis Presley derived from the film's title song. Since the Blue Hawaii uses ingredients which are cheap to purchase, and easy to find, it is often served as a punch on special occasions. This allows guests to become quite drunk within a matter of a couple of hours. Naturally, as with any punch, one would usually be encouraged to make gallons upon gallons of it, to which the Blue Hawaii would agree!