Bloody Mary

If you haven't tasted it, you have heard of it. The famous Bloody Mary — no not the horror stories of the evil spirit that comes out of the mirror, but rather the most wonderful concoction ever created. Depending on who you ask, the Bloody Mary drink was created in Paris during the 1920's, or in New York during the 1930's. Either way it has became one of the most popular drinks all over the world — from the United Kindom to the United States. One should taste the delicious mixture before reading the ingredients, since it has quite a peculiar blend of ingredients not the faint-hearted. Bloody Mary has also been associated with 100's of other mixtures using some of the same ingredients. In that sense, Bloody Mary has been an inspiration to cocktails worldwide. This drink can be used as a good way to cut loose on the dance floor, all the way to sitting down with your grandmother over Sunday brunch. She is also a favorite for people who wish not to drink the alcohol. A lot of women and men may be concerned about their weight now, but Bloody Mary is one of the drinks that can be incorperated into any conceivable diet. No matter what version you choose, whether it is the original, or the cajun, you will not be disappointed, and the tomato juice will help keep your skin a healthy rosy red colour. It will go down smooth and never gets watered down. Make sure when you go to a barbeque or even to a family function – bring along the secret weapon! Guaranteed to make some new friends and a great debate on who invented the drink, or how the name is associated with some very famous people. Yes; the drink has been associated with everyone from a waitress to a Queen. Just imagine sitting in the office all day, report after report, coming home to a nice cool Bloody Mary will take all the stress away in the blink of an eye. Forget your boss, forget yesterday, or the bad day you had last week. Put the kids to bed and sit down in your recliner, or on your couch, and enjoy one of the most refreshing drinks you will ever taste.