Blood and Sand

First, the recipe of Blood and Sand appeared quite a while ago - it was mentioned in Savoy Cocktail Book of 1930. It was named after an American silent drama film by Rudolph Valentino(1922) - a tragic story of a matador, who grew in poverty but later gained not only wealth and fame but also went through various hardships. His life is a tragedy, yet a tragedy full of love. The cocktail itself is not so simple. It has four ingredients in same parts and three of them are alcoholic. It is not the one everybody would like since the drink has got a specific taste of its own, but undoubtedly it has many fans. The ladies might prefer to alter the proportions somewhat, for example adding less Scotch and more orange juice. You will always be able to find a balance that suits you most. Originally the taste is sweetish and fruity, but you should remember that too much orange juice may overpower the rest of the flavours. Some people might think that the ingredients listed would taste a bit weird together, but surprisingly the beverage turns out quite harmonic. Blood and Sand seems to be the case where it's appropriate to mention the phrase that makes sense: "Never judge a cocktail before trying it".