Bellini is an exceptionally romantic cocktail. It was created in Venice, in the beginning of the 20th century and named after an artist Giovanni Bellini. He was known for his talent to mix colours - his shades of pink were impossible to recreate. It is one of the top drinks in Italy nowadays, often served at special occasions. If you wish to make it non-alcoholic - just replace the wine with any fizzy drink. It quite simple to make and exceptionally soft. To get peach purée you need to 'mince' a peach through a sieve. If you like you can add some sugar syrup to it to make it sweeter. We recommend that you chill the purée before making a cocktail. You can use any sort of peach but to get the famous pinkish colour it has to be a white peach. You are free to choose almost any sparkling wine for preparing this drink, it's just if you wish to use champagne you should remember that it has got a strong taste and aroma of its own, therefore it will probably dominate in the taste of the whole composition. Nonetheless, it's entirely up to you.