They say the author of Americano is a barman named Gaspare Campari. He first made it in 1860s. Initially the cocktail had the name of Milano-Torino since its ingredients were produced in those places - Campari in Milan and thesweet red vermouth - in Turin. But one day, when Gaspare hosted quite a few American visitors in his bar, he decided to be welcoming and to call the cocktail Americano, to please his dear guests. Americano was the cocktail ordered by James Bond in Fleming's first novel in Casino Royale series. If you decide to replace the sweet red vermouth with the dry one you will get a logical Dry Americano. A special trait of this cocktail is its simplicity. Once you have mixed the ingredients, don't forget to add a bit of citron - this is the way Campari did it originally. This cocktail would make a nice surprise to any man for his special occasion - they say it has a taste of victory. Also it is perfect for a New Year party - the beverage is relatively strong and quite festivite - yout guests will love it.