Amaretto Sour

This is an original cocktail with a special taste: apparently, almond mixed with lemon makes a lovely match. There are quite a few variations of it: for example some barmen tend to add sparlking water or lemonade to the drink, but still we would recommend the original recipe. Crushed ice is optional, too. If you are not a radical fan of the sourish taste then you might want to replace lemon juice with orange juice. Just it's recommended that you use the fresh juice instead of bottled one. As for decoration, some like to add a bit of whipped cream on top and sometimes some cherries or strawberries. Anyway, you've got room for imagination. Amaretto Sour has a refreshing fruity taste and it's not really too strong. It's a good choice for an easy party with friends when your only intention is to relax and take it easy without getting drunk. Just to enjoy the flavour and let the evening flow. The good thing about this cocktail is that you could have quite a few of them before you start feeling the effects. Thus, it also seems a perfect idea for a ladies' night. Tasty and elegant.